Set of 16+(1) modular candle holders, made in chrome steel and Zinc. Designed by Wener Stoff and Hans Nagel, produced by BMF. one of the most iconic chandelier designs of the 1960s. Originally designed in 1965 by the Nagel company, shortly after its launch it was passed to the BMF company, which manufactured the chandelier from 1971 to 1985

The candelabra can be arranged individually or stacked to form a multitude of possible combinations.


Origin: Germany

Period: 1960

Dimensions: 10,8 x 11,8 x 6,8 (H) cm


****Dimensions refer to the size of a unit. The total depth, width and height are determined by the arrangement, composition and storage of the set

Contemporary lithography in colors from the Project for Central Park, New York City, Created in 2004 by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

The print is framed in a white wooden frame with a transparent glass front.


The installation in Central Park was completed with the flourish of the 7,503 fabric panels on February 12, 2005.

The artwork remained for 16 days, then the doors were removed and the materials recycled.

All doors were 4.87 m high and varied in width from 1.68 to 5.48 m. Based on 25 different widths of walkways, in 37 kilometers of walkways in Central Park.

Free-hanging saffron-coloured fabric panels, suspended from the horizontal top of the doors, were lowered to approximately 2.1m above the ground. The gates were spaced at 12-foot intervals, except where low branches extended above the walkways. Doors and cloth panels could be seen from afar through the leafless branches of the trees.



Title: "Gates-Project for Central Park"

Autor: Christo y Jeanne-Claude

Year :  2004

Measurements: 3 X 67 X 56,5(h) cm

VAT not included

Table lamp model "Rio´´ designed by Giusto Toso for Leucos. It consists of a conical hand-blown opaline glass shade with an orange glass top, supported by a white lacquered aluminum base.


Born in Murano in 1939, Giusto Toso's lights are part of the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum. He is specialized in industrial design, architecture and interior design. In the field of glass, he started working at his father's glass factory “Fratelli Toso”, and since 1969 he collaborates with Leucos.


Origin: Italy

Period: 1977

Measurements:  20 x 30 (h) cm