Book: Ron Gorchov, 2012.

Ron Gorchov, born in Chicago in 1930, was an active creator during the sixties within a generation that still affiliated his creative gestures with abstract expressionism. action paintingGorchov today is considered by American and international critics as one of the few "abstract painters"; possibly one of the last to remain within this nomenclature in the current impure times.

This book brings together a selection of his works on curved canvases, along with a set of hitherto unpublished watercolors on paper.

Phong Bui, Dionisio Cañas, Remo Guidieri, Santiago Olmo, Kevin Power, Ray Smith, Robert Storr and Omar-Pascual Castillo sign the texts of this first published monograph on the artist


Editorial: Turner

Language Spanish

No. of pages 196

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