“Nenúfares I” , Juanma Reyes, España 2022.

Contemporary artwork by Spanish artist Juanma Reyes. Mix technique on fine art paper. Framed in a white painted wood frame with transparent Matt glass. *The painting comes with a Certificate of authenticity, which includes a serial number and an official signature by the artist. Measurements: Artwork: 107x107 Frame: . 120x120
Framed in a white painted wooden frame with transparent matte glass.

*Certificate of authenticity with serial number and signature of the artist accompanying the painting.


VAT not included


 Frame: 107×107
Obra de arte::  120×120

Juanma Reyes, Málaga 1976.


It is flooded by a feeling of ambivalence between tenderness and brutality. Huge, faded faces, undefined features show their innermost part, their intimacy. Fragility is palpable in some works that invite us to investigate from another perspective. He approaches art from a proposal far from the traditional canons. The artist becomes an archaeologist of his own past to question and challenge the idea of time and the action that its passage exerts on his production. He is characterized by using materials and textures whose ability to mutate seems inexhaustible.

“Invento porque la vida me sabe a poco, vivir me provoca tal desconcierto que alivio creando. Yo no tengo técnica, tengo emociones. Me expreso con urgencia.”


“Pinto porque puedo burlar el destino, pinto para sentir la intensidad de lo imprevisible. Pintar me ha enseñado a caminar con mi torpeza”





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