“Sin título”, Federico Miró, España, 2022.

“SIN TÍTULO” , Pintura mural  del artista español Federico Miró, de la serie LA VERDAD ES OTRA, Acrílico sobre lienzo.

Federico es un joven artista que, en su minucioso trabajo, reflexiona sobre la necesidad de compaginar nuestra vida rodeada de tecnologías con el disfrute de nuestro aspecto esencial vinculado a la naturaleza o la tradición


Federico is a young artist who, in his meticulous work, reflects on the need to combine our life surrounded by technologies with the enjoyment of our essential aspect linked to nature or tradition.

His decision to dedicate himself to creation was the result of a natural process rather than a turning point: ”Things happened without having to make drastic decisions. Step by step I was setting short-term goals and making decisions without any pretense. I come from a family with a strong artistic sensibility, so in that environment it was very easy to make the decision to undertake a career in Fine Arts.”



Graduated in Fine Arts in Malaga, he completed his training in the Master's Degree in Research in Art and Creation at the Complutense University of Madrid. An experience that gave him a new artistic perspective.


Origin: Spain

Period: 2022

Measurements:  3x 33x 41(h) cm


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