IKB 191, is a space of more than 600 m2 located in the heart of Madrid's Rastro, where art merges with the history of furniture design.

IKB 191 has behind it a long tradition as an antiquarian that has made it a reference point for 20th century European design in the capital. Bringing the best of the past to the present to demonstrate the contemporaneity of the classics.

In it you can find a careful selection of furniture, lighting and mainly European objects from the 20th century, among which pieces by established authors are mixed with anonymous pieces of the same characteristics, as well as pieces of avant-garde contemporary design and contemporary art.

New location Barquillo, 11. Inauguration from February.


We carry out personalized interior design projects for each client, because each person is unique and each space has its own identity.


Within our studio, we also make proposals for ephemeral installations for events, parties or brand presentations.


Our 600 m2 showroom is available to rent for shootings, recordings, interviews or whatever event you want to hold.


If what you need is furniture for any type of production, all of ours is also available for rent.